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M50E SLM 3D Printer

M50E SLM.jpg


  • Metal 3D forming without protective gas, saving exhaust time and gas costs.

  • High precision and strong stability scanning.

  • galvanometer ensure high precision and strong stability. 

  • Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components.

  • high safety performance


Ideal Applications:
New materials and processes R&D ,Education, Scientific Research ,Dentistry Jewelry industry

Kings M50E is a new generation of metal 3D printers specially developed by Kings 3D for the vocational education industry. Its biggest feature is that it can perform metal 3D printing without inert gas protection. It is easy to operate and has no exhaust system, thus saving exhaust time and protective gas costs, very suitable for low-cost education and training work, providing complete metal 3D printing operations and skills training for students and vocational trainees

נתונים טכנים :

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