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M280HD SLM 3D Printer



  • Metal 3D forming without protective gas, saving exhaust time and gas costs.

  • High precision and strong stability scanning.

  • galvanometer ensure high precision and strong stability. 

  • Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components.

  • high safety performance


Ideal Applications:
New materials and processes R&D ,Education, Scientific Research ,Dentistry Jewelry industry

Kings M280 is a medium-sized laser selective melting metal 3D printing equipment developed by KINGS 3D. It prints in a
moderate size with high precision. With an ultra-efficient air filtration system and double circulation wind site protection system,
double protection reduces printing defects and ensures the quality of parts.
Widely used in production or custom molds, industrial precision components, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical
applications, scientific research, etc.

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