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M450E  SLM 3D Printer



  • Metal 3D forming without protective gas, saving exhaust time and gas costs.

  • High precision and strong stability scanning.

  • galvanometer ensure high precision and strong stability. 

  • Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components.

  • high safety performance


Ideal Applications:
New materials and processes R&D ,Education, Scientific Research ,Dentistry Jewelry industry

Kings M450E is a high-efficiency solution launched by KINGS 3D for large-size metal 3D printing applications.Multi-laser and
multi-galvanometer are combined on the same platform, which improves the printing efficiency by more than 80%.
For the first time, an all closed looped powder handling system is adopted to reduce the harm of dust to the human body.
It can be used in molds, automobiles, aerospace, nuclear power and military industry, orthopedic medicine, and other fields.

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